About Us

Branch Goal: 

To increase the knowledge and understanding of the United Empire Loyalists and their contributions to Prince Edward Island and Canada. 


  1. To maintain a functional, membership-oriented organization (Branch of the UELAC) comprised of individuals with an interest in history and the socio-economic perspective of United Empire Loyalists and the time in which they contributed. 
  2. To develop profiles of all United Empire Loyalists who settled permanently on Prince Edward Island, including their ancestry, family history, their situation during the American Revolution and their contribution to Prince Edward Island and Canada, wherever possible. 
  3. To conduct research or assist others researching the Loyalist contribution to Prince Edward Island communities where they were originally settled.  
  4. To provide a database of the other people who came with the Loyalists and settled in Prince Edward Island. This list should include the names of other Loyalists who briefly settled on PEI before leaving due to unfulfilled promises of land, disbanded soldiers, servants and or slaves of Loyalists, Hessian Soldiers, and those who were uncertified as either a Loyalist or Soldier. 
  5. To promote and or provide research on the members and contributions of the St. John Volunteers and the Royal Nova Scotia Volunteers and their roles during the American Revolution. 

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