How to become a member of Abegweit Branch 

Membership in the Abegweit Branch of the UELAC is open to anyone with an interest in history, the Loyalist era and Prince Edward Island history.  

Benefits of Membership: 

We offer six Zoom meetings of the full Branch membership each year. It is our intention to invite guest speakers for some of the meetings to inform on the Loyalist era and of individual Loyalists from Prince Edward Island and beyond. 

It is our intention to also host an annual in-person meeting in Prince Edward Island beginning in either 2023 or 2024.  

If you are descended from a Loyalist and provide proof of a Loyalist ancestor and the direct ancestry you are eligible to receive an official UELAC Loyalist Certificate. The branch genealogist will provide a certificate application form and certificate application guidelines. You will submit to and collaborate with the branch genealogist until the documentation is deemed complete and correct. The branch genealogist will then submit the completed certificate application form — with proofs and your fee — to the Dominion Genealogist for review. If all is in order, you will receive a certificate attesting to your Loyalist ancestry.

Membership in the Abegweit Branch also confers membership within the national United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada organization which distributes the weekly Loyalist Trails newsletter and the bi-annual Loyalist Gazette magazine to all members.   

The Abegweit Branch will also launch its own digital publication in 2023 which will have a special emphasis on Prince Edward Island and Atlantic region Loyalist topics. 

Members may also join additional branches of the UELAC for a small fee per branch. 

Our Fee Structure 

  • Individual — $55 
  • Family — $75 
  • Student — $25 
  • Additional Branch* — $15 
  • Institution** — $50 

* Members may also join other branches in addition to their home branch at a fee of $15 per additional branch. 

** Abegweit Branch welcomes institutional, not-for-profit and corporate membership.

Membership Renewal 

Members will be notified 60-90 days in advance of membership expiry to renew their membership. 

Members may renew their membership online. New and existing members also have the option to pay by cheque. For more information, please contact Abegweit Branch Membership Chair Jayne Leake at 

New Members 

If you haven’t already setup a new account, please do so.  Once your account is setup you can join additional branches and renew your membership online. 

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